snipe shouldn't be a a/b move

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snipe shouldn't be a a/b move

Post by CokeXD on Thu May 29, 2008 4:52 pm

snipe shouldnt be turned to a a/b move cause i know it does really high damage like very high but there is a cooldown rate if you add cool down then it be fair=D
beside all job have cheap move - -" and snipe is just the most strongest move.the move might be rediocious strong but there overall stats holdthem bak from doing hard boss without party the only reason why i pwn your zakum is that yur zakum only have abody and no arm if it havearm i would have pissed it off then died due to low hp so even though :markman highest damage(in one shot)
:hero have highest hp and do high dmg
:pladin mage warrior hybrid advantage overall element
:bowmaster hurrcane 4 arrow per sec i heard from sum mapler 4 kill per sec snipe 1 kill per sec if have cool down 15 sec per kill bowmaster would have done 60 kill by then i know snipe seem cheap but it not that cheap think of shadower got meso explosion very high damage mesoguard to prevent burning potion decrease time to spam potion like markman

if snipe get ban u should ban a couple other move that i think is cheap soultion could add add duration wont afect much job cause there duration moe dont work like spirt claw no work only skill affected is reserection it preety gud but gm can reserect u

thank you for reading this leave opion on snipe and how to make it equal to other cheap move i like to play fair but if there no snipe there no point in markman cause they have any fun skill that work

dam this thing long o.0

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